Our Story

“Asking why, I travelled the established roads,
asking myself why not, I started making roads of my own.”

Innspain was born from a love for rehabilitating old buildings and travelling. 

On my travels, I love to look for old architecture. Not the ones you find in the tourist guide, but those that are somewhere in a remote and hidden place.

Forgotten by its owners and in ruin. Old farmhouses, hermitages, watermills, monasteries, castles or watch towers. I like to sit down and reflect on their potential.

Think on how to bring them back to life, recover the original charm and character of the building and give it a new purpose.

And I ask myself why not?

In this beautiful vast country, there are still plenty of treasures. Most of them I know, but fortunately many are still to be discovered.

Spain is full of contrasts, with a wide variety of different landscapes. Its geographic diversity is combined with an incredible cultural, linguistic, climatic, and culinary variety.

In recent years, especially cultural tourism has experienced an explosive growth. Hundreds of museums, an impressive world heritage with countless Roman, Arab, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque monuments, have turned the inlands of the Iberian Peninsula in what could be called the Mecca for lovers of architecture and history.

For those that want to explore and get to know this most authentic and historic part of the country, InnSpain offers several unique accommodations full of character and charm. Old buildings, restored with taste and care.

We like to combine our love for cultural heritage, art, history, and nature with the true sense of hospitality. Our aim is to make your visit to Spain a most pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Looking forward to meeting you!